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Spa Cover Lifter

A Hardback cover lifter will ease and assist in lifting and storing your cover when your spa is in use and prevent your cover being damaged on the ground or against a fence. The hydraulic arms allow the cover to gently slide into the lifter & sit neatly by your spa. One person can easily operate the cover lifter without any heavy lifting. The hydraulic arms gently fold out and up and require no force at all.

The Hardback spa cover lifter is the only marine grade stainless steel cover lifter available on the Australian market. Compact & stylish, it folds away discreetly when not in use. Easy installation instructions are provided.

Cover Lifter Features:
  • Sleek, safe and designed to gently cradle the cover giving it maximum protection.
  • Gas strut assisted enables cover removal and placement with minimum effort.
  • Most compact, stylish lifter on the market.
  • Stainless steel marine grade construction with full foldaway arms for safety.
  • Incredibly simple installation for a no fuss set up.

Click here to see cover lifter in action 

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